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Ageing Research Centre


The main objective of  Ageing Research Centre (ARC) is to promote and improve the health status and quality of life of community-dwelling older persons in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. ARC conducts studies on current health issues of Indonesian seniors in order to plan for the health of future generations.

ARC has a focus on national policy issues, especially in health and social aspects, through extensive research to promote increased participation of seniors throughout the community. By combining research expertise and working across disciplines ARC aims to strengthen understanding of ageing by addressing complex issues in more strategic and effective ways.

ARC intends to be the coordinating centre of researchers from all scientific fields with a common interest in research on ageing.


ARC’s vision is to contribute to local and global communities through our research capacity, to enhance the quality of life of older Indonesians and to promote active and healthy ageing.


ARC’s mission is to conduct ageing research at the Faculty of Medicine, Trisakti University, establish a long term multidisciplinary platform for ageing-related research and develop strategies that are designed to improve the quality of life of older people while recognising the dynamic and diverse nature of the ageing population in the community.

Research Themes

ARC is organised around three themes:

. Promote healthy ageing

. Improve quality of life

. Promote increased participation at the community seniors club

Further Enquiries

Ageing Research Centre (ARC)

Department of Public Health

Faculty of Medicine, Trisakti University

Jakarta 11440, INDONESIA

Email: ARC@trisakti.ac.id

Contact person : DR.Rina K.Kusumaratna, MSc



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