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Mahasiswa Universitas Triskati Lebih Baik Dalam Membangun Teamwork Dibanding Mahasiswa Lain
11 Januari 2010 07:00, 07:00

Ir. Gerard De Fraiture (Saxion University)

Mahasiswa Universitas Triskati Lebih Baik Dalam Membangun Teamwork Dibanding Mahasiswa Lain

Wikke Novlia, ST dari jurusan Teknik Lingkungan diwisuda pada bulan Oktober 2009 yang lalu merupakan lulusan terbaik dari program studi Teknik Lingkungan Fakultas Arsitektur Lansekap dan Teknik Lingkungan Universitas Trisakti dengan IPK 3,77. Di samping gelar Sarjana Teknik, yang bersangkutan berhak atas gelar Bachelor of Environmental Technology, yang diperolehnya dari Saxion University Netherland di Belanda dengan predikat Cum Laude. Selain itu, ia juga memperoleh juara pertama (The first prize Saxion Award) dalam kategori the best research final report dan juara pertama (first prize) untuk penelitian yang diselenggarakan oleh asosiasi professional di bidang air (Waternetwork) di Belanda. Berikut ini adalah wawancara dengan Ir. Gerard A.M. de Fraiture, Senior Lecturer Environmental Sciences, The Nederland, pembimbingnya semasa ia kuliah di Belanda dan pendapatnya tentang Wikke Novlia:

What do you think about Trisakti University?

I don't know a lot about Trisakti, the only I know when I speak to student I know they are very good students, maybe that what I know, when I walk in and out the building and I met a lot of people, rector, the dean and they are very nice people, good contact, the students are very advance very good, very eager and intelligent.

What do you think about the quality of students?

What I missed last Saturday was they are very modest, and in our culture when I ask her (Wikke Novlia) for instant how do you feel about yourself, she can't get a real feeling, she is too shy. She is modest. My opinion about her and I know her very well after one year teaching that she is a brilliant student, very good in working in group with other people. She can take responsibility. When I turn it what she miss maybe the personal think in communication, show your feeling that you are disappointed or perpetual happy or she looks always happy.

I talked to her too, she is now graduated from the bachelor level and she is already in master level. She has only to prove it. So I always say the cream in the milk when you milk the cow you sip the milk the cream cut up, so we speaking what she is doing she cut up. Now she is going back to do Saxion with me the internship, so she get again the chance to do thing one year and she get support from Saxion and I work with her experience and I think maybe after that year, I personally I think for student after 4 years she goes few years for works experience and then back for the master.

What do you think about Indonesian and Asian students?

I gave already my opinion about that in my presentation, it seems very talented and I only see maybe the top students and I don't see the student with GPA of 2, maybe they are not here, they already go out, I don't know, the student I see, I always I have big a problem to select and my advice to university is, please give them more responsibility engage for instance the final issues thru internship. Maybe new for teacher try to grow to the process so when all the student come together at the end of the year and to Indonesian students I always ask what is the biggest difference between the education and alert, and the always say here we can interfere our own responsibility and you see as junior professional not as student with know nothing, now you are junior and I expect you can do this. This is about Indonesian student. If we give them responsibility, they have to make their future, if the environmental is not very good it is up to you, I am 62, the next generation to improve it.

How many students from Trisakti?

I already have five my colleagues, I guest and I am not overview now, this year 13 or 14 students from Indonesia Gajah Mada, Diponegoro and ITS from environmental engineering, urban and regional planning and civil engineering and out of that 8-9 from environment engineering. We have now cooperate with four Indonesian Universities, in my view that I am not include the teacher, in my view 13 students is a lot for one nationally, when you have about 20 nationalities in one group, 13 in one group but we have to see experience this year, so it could be next year 2,3,4 but not 10.

What do you think and opinion about Indonesia in general?

I use the word my student always say my beloved country. This is not my country but I like this country, I like the people, I like the food, I like the smell, I like all. It is the pleasure and be here. And when I came here and I make the planning and in one week we go raft, half of a day here and in the plane to Bandung or Semarang, and at the end of the week I don't know what I did in Thursday, it so fast. I take one day for the university, one day for traveling, and it is very quite, and at the end before we go my wife said to me one more day it is long but now we already Monday, Tuesday and nearly a week here. I don't feel that I'm finished already. I like to be here maybe after that I like to see my pension again.        

Masyarakat Kampus, Vol. 6 No.103 - 31 Oktober 2009.

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